I think I figured out why they are pushing zombies so hard

I think I figured out why they are pushing zombies so hard

As is so often the case nowadays there is a darker agenda behind some trends in popular culture. Jim Stone looks at one in particular

The site of the blast. Click to enlarge

Gray State – Definition of Husband/Wife murder/suicide

Was David Crowley and his wife’s mysterious death a murder/suicide? Or the result of a drone strike? Includes video

Take a look in front of the car. There is a marker line there. Some have said this is just a fluid leak but it is obviously not, because in the next frames we see the continuity error - another line magically appears on the road at a 90 degree angle. Fluid leaks will not do that, they are obviously painted lines being used as cue marks for where to put the car, and this terror scene was done in multiple takes.

Another Smoking Gun

Jim Stone spots tell tale signs that indicate that events in the street outside the Paris office of Charlie Hebdon were scripted beforehand

Head of a statue on Martian surface?

Not a hoax. Mars rover photographs Mayan/Aztec style head

As NASA engineers attempt to conceal the discovery by claiming the Mars rover is suffering from “memory loss”

Glen Beck and the ISIS plumber's truck

Glen Beck and the ISIS plumber’s truck

How does a Texan plumber’s truck end up being used by ISIS on a battlefield in Syria? As Jim stone explains, it has U.S. military intelligence written all over it

One of the escaped hostages flees the Lindt cafe. Click to enlarge

Probable Islamic terror hoax in Australia

Is this yet another staged “terror” psyop? Now the hostage taker demands an ISIS flag to show his allegiance — meaning he showed up without one

Earlier rioting in Ferguson after Michael Brown was shot dead. Click to enlarge

The real reason for Ferguson riots: Mom and Pop refused to sell.

Were the Ferguson rioters bussed in to help lower the proprty values of local businesses? Jim Stone takes a closer look at a overlooked aspect of the riots

I Shot Osama!

I Shot Osama!

The saga of Bin Laden’s death has about as much credibility as a bad made for TV movie. Jim Stone has a message for the man who claims to have killed him

Anti-Netanyahu mural in France, 2012. Click to enlarge

Ebola’s Real Reason

There’s a quote here that explains why Israel wont find peace under Netanyahu and raises questions about the fate of his psychiatrist. Yes, he had a psychiatrist

Ebola is an Agenda Not a Disease

Jim Stone with some tips on how to avoid unwanted scrutiny

Professionally made 'Ebola is Real' banners have been raised all over Liberia. If the epidemic is so widespread, would it really be necessary to convince people that 'Ebola is Real'?

The Liberian Daily Observer confirms Nana Kwame’s testimony

African villagers catch man putting formaldehyde into local wells. The formaldehyde leaves Ebola like symptoms in those who drink the contaminated water

Blockbuster: Executive Order For Ebola Quarantine ALREADY in place

Blockbuster: Executive Order For Ebola Quarantine ALREADY in place

It originated during George Bush’s term in 2003 but was amended on July 31, 2014. Just in time for the current Ebola scare

Finding Phillip Wood: Updated

Finding Phillip Wood: Updated

Jim Stone claimed that hijacked Phillip Wood had got ‘a selfie’ out of Diego Garcia. Now Wood’s friends say that claim is a hoax. Is Jim Stone a disinfo agent? Includes interesting comments from Phillip Wood’s partner

Syrian officials at the scene of suicide bombing. Click to enlarge

What’s with all the “terror” nonsense?

Jim Stone on why there’s good reason to doubt what we are being told about “suicide bombings”. Warning: includes graphic image

The Power of Petition

The Power of Petition

An insider tip from Jim Stone

A message to a Jewish man

In answer to a Jewish man who asked why he said Jews were out to destroy education; Jim Stone’s revealing response on how he came to this conclusion

Bombshell - New method of destructive vaccine design exposed

Bombshell – New method of destructive vaccine design exposed

Vaccines are being used to incrementally dumb down the populace. The ultimate aim being to create a new race of worker drones who are unable to think for themselves. Jim Stone explains

About the situation in Syria

Jim Stone on the nerve gas attacks in Syria and where precisely they are leading

It’s time to start talking 9/11

Obtained via a FOIA request, an abridged 500 page FBI file on the famous five dancing Israelis

McCaffee is scamming web sites for ransom money

McCaffee is scamming web sites for ransom money

McCaffee is now blacklisting web sites and asking for ransom money to have the blacklist removed