Maajid Nawaz, Deep State Asset

Maajid Nawaz, Deep State Asset

If Maajid Nawaz is a Deep State asset it means that, by implication, the Mayor of London Siddique Khan is too. Includes YouTube clip



Kevin Boyle reflects on the reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s comments about Zionists not understanding “English irony”

Physics will Destroy Satanism

Kevin Boyle on why he thinks the forces of darkness, and those among us who serve such powers, will ultimately be overcome

Petition: Eliminate Postal Voting Fraud

Petition: Eliminate Postal Voting Fraud

Recent history shows that postal voting in the UK is wide open to fraud. Sign this petition to ensure that measures are in place to prevent it

Is Russia Genuinely Rejecting The Long-Established World System?

Kevin Boyle explains why he thinks President Putin is not totally beholden to the would-be masters of our universe

Consensus Trance, Entropy and Responsibility

“Far too many believe the lies we have been spun. It is the comfortable thing to do.” Kevin Boyle on the process of ‘dumbing down’

Conway Hall, UK “Home of Free Speech” Bans Free Speech

Kevin Boyle on how free speech is being discretely banned in the UK and dissenters effectively silenced

Are Jews White?

There is a palpable frenzy in the mainstream news media around the Trump Presidency. Kevin Boyle explains


How thoroughly modern that the captain of the ship that fired the Tomahawks was a woman. Kevin Boyle reflects briefly on the recent U.S. strike on Syria

Amazon Bans 'Holocaust Denial'. Gentile Clarity Is Terrifying

Amazon Bans ‘Holocaust Denial’. Gentile Clarity Is Terrifying

Kevin Boyle’s powerful response to Amazon’s decision to ban books by those it deems “politically incorrect”

Fake News Media Echo “Chamber” Exposed

Interesting discussion on techniques for creating consensus, thought control and manipulation. Featuring a regular contributor to this website Kevin Boyle

NHS Privatisation Means No Pensions For Workers

Workers in Britain’s National Health Service have been presented with a stark choice: forego promotion or forego your pension. Includes video

Our Only True Religion

Includes a historic but little known 1943 statement by the then head of the British Secret Service on allegations of Nazi “gas chambers”

Ursula Haverbeck. Click to enlarge

Germany Removes Crime of ‘”Preparing for an Offensive War” from Criminal Code of the FRG

Imprisoned for thought crimes, 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has spotted an important change in Germany’s Criminal Code

Montagu Norman

Something Simple

With an amazing quote that could have come from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In reality though these words were spoken by a former Governor of the Bank of England

Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War?

Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War?

Kevin Boyle speculates on the Illuminati’s purpose for Trump: is he being set up to lead the world into war?

Why Do Western Narratives Relating to Wars in the Middle East Make No Sense at All?

Kevin Boyle wonders why the mainstream media isn’t even asking?

Satchi and Satchi advert. Click to enlarge

The True Racism That Destroys

Satchi and Satchi have launched an advert that implies that Britons who vote to leave the EU are “racist”. However, it also conceals a far more insidious racism. Kevin Boyle explains


Has the Labour Party gone insane? The former Mayor of London has been suspended from the party for remarks about Hitler and Israel. This has obviously upset some people, if only because what he said was true

Frank Lowy, Westfield and Croydon

Frank Lowy, Westfield and Croydon

Kevin Boyle on Frank Lowy, who double-insured the WTC with Larry Silverstein 50 days before 9/11, and who is currently demolishing the centre of Kevin’s home town