Christ Out, Lucifer In? Notre-Dame and the Climate Change McGuffin

It has been suggested that a reconstructed Notre Dame will embody concepts like “environmentalism” and “climate change awareness”. If it does, argues Kevin Boyle, it will be a monument to human folly and gullibility

The Scientific Case for God Part I

The Scientific Case for God Part I

Kevin Boyle explains why the scientific evidence points to the existence of a divine creator. Includes video

The Scientific Case for God Part II

Kevin Boyle explains how the anomalies found in quantum physics point to intelligent design: i.e. a divine creator

BBC Audiences Vetted to Exclude "Extremists" (i.e. Resistance to the Globalist Revolution)

BBC Audiences Vetted to Exclude “Extremists” (i.e. Resistance to the Globalist Revolution)

The BBC was assisted in vetting audiences for its premier political show talk by MI5!!!

Railway tracks leading to the entrance Auschwitz. Click to enlarge

Regarding Auschwitz

Post-mortem victims of cyanide poisoning have one very distinctive feature. So why has no purported Holocaust “eyewitnesses” ever reported seeing this?

LBC Goes Zionist Mental

When a person can be destroyed for uttering HERESY we are, effectively, living in a medieval society. Kevin Boyle explains why we live in such a society today


A Special Place In Hell

A 2010 photo speaks volumes about the man who has just warned that there is a “special place in Hell” for Brexiters. Kevin Boyle explains

Rulers Hate Their Own Peoples

Rulers Hate Their Own Peoples

The collective unconscious is stirring. Brexit, Les Gilets Jaunes etc. are manifestations of the public’s growing awareness

A Reflection On Holocaust Memorial Day

A Reflection On Holocaust Memorial Day

Kevin Boyle on how the concept of “The Jewish People” has been weaponised to serve the ruling elite. So if we want to get at the elite we have to go through the Jewish people

Maajid Nawaz, Deep State Asset

Maajid Nawaz, Deep State Asset

If Maajid Nawaz is a Deep State asset it means that, by implication, the Mayor of London Siddique Khan is too. Includes YouTube clip



Kevin Boyle reflects on the reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s comments about Zionists not understanding “English irony”

Physics will Destroy Satanism

Kevin Boyle on why he thinks the forces of darkness, and those among us who serve such powers, will ultimately be overcome

Petition: Eliminate Postal Voting Fraud

Petition: Eliminate Postal Voting Fraud

Recent history shows that postal voting in the UK is wide open to fraud. Sign this petition to ensure that measures are in place to prevent it

Is Russia Genuinely Rejecting The Long-Established World System?

Kevin Boyle explains why he thinks President Putin is not totally beholden to the would-be masters of our universe

Consensus Trance, Entropy and Responsibility

“Far too many believe the lies we have been spun. It is the comfortable thing to do.” Kevin Boyle on the process of ‘dumbing down’

Conway Hall, UK “Home of Free Speech” Bans Free Speech

Kevin Boyle on how free speech is being discretely banned in the UK and dissenters effectively silenced

Are Jews White?

There is a palpable frenzy in the mainstream news media around the Trump Presidency. Kevin Boyle explains


How thoroughly modern that the captain of the ship that fired the Tomahawks was a woman. Kevin Boyle reflects briefly on the recent U.S. strike on Syria

Amazon Bans 'Holocaust Denial'. Gentile Clarity Is Terrifying

Amazon Bans ‘Holocaust Denial’. Gentile Clarity Is Terrifying

Kevin Boyle’s powerful response to Amazon’s decision to ban books by those it deems “politically incorrect”

Fake News Media Echo “Chamber” Exposed

Interesting discussion on techniques for creating consensus, thought control and manipulation. Featuring a regular contributor to this website Kevin Boyle