The Silence of the Whores

The Silence of the Whores

Why aren’t the intellectual whores in the media asking more probing questions about Charlie Rowley’s poisoning by an alleged “Russian nerve agent”?

The Holes in the Official Skripal Story

The “intelligence” about Russia’s secret novichok programme comes from exactly the same people who brought you intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s WMD

Emma Barnett: A Classic “Philip Cross” Wikipedia Operation

Wikipedia appears to be running a disinformation campaign to smear dissidents and airbrush the lies and distortions of the establishment media.

The Philip Cross Affair

The Philip Cross Affair

Has the founder of Wikipedia, James Wales, been using twitter anonymously to promote his own political ideas? Or has he employed someone to do so for him?

Where They Tell You Not to Look

A journalist who positively avoids knowledge of his subject is an interesting phenomenon. The Guardian’s Luke Harding is one such

Yulia Skripal Is Plainly Under Duress

Craig Williams explains why he believes a statement attributed to Yulia Skripal reads like it was written by an official from the British security sevices

Knobs and Knockers

Knobs and Knockers

A professor of Organo-Chemistry at Cornell University says that his senior students could create the nerve agent used on the Skripals

Boris Johnson A Categorical Liar

Former British envoy to Uzbekistan spells out why Boris Johnson’s statements about the Skripals case cannot be trusted

Biological warfare team in the aftermath of the Skripal's poisoning. Click to enlarge

First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2016 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW

If Iran can synthesise Novichoks from commercially available ingredients, as it did in 2016, then so can a lot of others

On Not Being Refuted

Call me a “Conspiracy nutter” or variants of that, some very rude. Yet what I wrote yesterday about the Salisbury poisoning has not been refuted

Of A Type Developed By Liars

Former British ambassador, Craig Murray reports that he’s been reliably informed that Porton Down scientists have been unable to identify the nerve agent used on Skripal as being of Russian origin

The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam

The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam

The former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, on why the Novichok story may be Theresa May’s version of Saddam’s WMD, with just as many holes

All Pretence is Over in Persecution of Assange

All Pretence is Over in Persecution of Assange

Craig Murray traces the close ties between the judge who ruled against Julian Assange yesterday, and the British establishment

Assange Judge’s Husband Runs Security Firm With Ex Head of MI6

The British establishment doesn’t want “justice” for Julian Assange, despite what they claim, they want his head. Craig Murray explains

Save Craig Murray

The libel system has a built-in advantage to the wealthy and those backed by the wealthy. Now it has been turned on former UK diplomat and activist Craig Murray

The Stink Without a Secret

After six months months of co-ordinated allegations about Trump/Russia election hacking not one single scrap of solid evidence has emerged

Sir Gerald Kaufman is the longest-serving MP in the House of Commons.

Gerald Kaufman

Craig Murray reflects on the legacy of veteran MP and activist Sir Gerald Kaufman. Includes video

As Netanyahu and May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed

As Netanyahu and May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed

Former British diplomat Craig Murray uncovers a host of Israeli diplomatic staff who are working covertly to undermine British democracy

Ambassador Craig Murray Lays It On The Line

Simple logic demolishes the CIA’s claims that Russia “interfered” with U.S. elections. Former British diplomat Craig Murray explains why these claims are aimed at promoting further conflict with Russia

Peak Kinnock

Misery for some is a goldmine for others. Craig Murray on how some politicians are using charities as a very lucrative sideline