The Brutal Zionist Rape of the Tree of Love

Whether homeless in America or starving on the German ‘social minimum’ we die, not by degrees but by carefully weighed fractions, and should your generation not rise up your children and grandchildren will piss on your graves

Timothy Geithner is a Sniveling Scamster

You gotta hand it to Geithner. He had his back to the wall and, presto, he extracts another rabbit from his hat

The Bubble Bursts and the Economy goes into a Tailspin

The world needs a breather from the US, writes Mike Whitney. And they may get it sooner than many think

A Different Kind of Revolution:

An email exchange on American’s blind obedience to authority

Eastern Europe is about to Blow

Because of ‘globalisation’ the credit crunch is hitting home around the world, particularly in Eastern Europe

Rampage in Gaza for a Bump in the Polls

Rampage in Gaza for a Bump in the Polls

Barak Obama has passed his first test with flying colors. He’s made himself disappear so Israel can continue its killing spree in Gaza

Moving on to Plan B

This Is Not A Normal Recession, but a Black Hole which will end Capitalism

Not One Dime!

Why the investors and foreign banks that bought hundreds of billions of dollars of worthless mortgage-backed securities from US investment banks have not taken legal action against these same banks or initiated a boycott of US financial products

Trouble in Banktopia

Don’t listen to the “experts”, writes Mike Whitney; just look at the numbers

Nuclear Chicken in Poland

Putting a knife to Moscow’s throat is an act of aggression equal to invading Iraq, only this time the victim has the ability to fight back

Putin’s Winning Hand

In contrast to President Bush it seems like Putin has all the trump cards. Mike Whitney examines how he may use them

Putin Walks into a Trap

South Ossetia was a trap and Putin took the bait. Unfortunately for Bush, the wily Russian prime minister is considerably brighter than anyone in his administration and Bush’s plan could well backfire

Information Clearing House Publisher Threatened

Tom Feeley, who runs the web site Information Clearing House was threatened by three “well dressed men” in his own home. He must stop what he’s doing “on the web”, they said, or face the consequences

Why Hezbollah’s Victory may lead to peace in the Middle East

Mike Whitney talks to author and Director of “Americans Concerned for Middle East Peace”, Frank Lamb, about Hezbollah’s growing influence in the region and what it may mean for the future

The Great Oil Swindle

How much did the Fed really know?

Financial Collapse will End the Occupation

And it won’t be “A time of our choosing”

The Bonfire of Capital

When credit shrinks on a national scale – as it is – so does the economy. It’ a simple formula; less money means less economic activity, less growth, fewer jobs, tighter budgets and more pain

“You are all Dead Ducks”

Bernanke’s State of the Economy Speech

George Bush Delivers the Horse’s Head

Despite the lack of media coverage, tensions are mounting in the Gulf and the probability of an attack on Iran is still quite high

Staring into the Abyss

Mike Whitney on the Collapse of the Modern Day Banking System