Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Sinister Stewards of the National Security State

Why is it a “conspiracy theory” to think that a disgruntled Democratic National Committee staffer gave WikiLeaks the DNC emails, but not a conspiracy theory to think the emails were provided by Russia?

The Russia Hacking Fiasco: No Evidence Required

The Russia Hacking Fiasco: No Evidence Required

There’s no proof that Russia hacked US elections, or that it colluded with members of the Trump campaign. Russia has just become the all-purpose punching bag

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Putin’s New World Order

Mike Whitney examines some of Putin’s recent speeches to discover why he is so popular and why he presents such an obstacle for Washington

The Impending Clash Between the U.S. and Russia

The Russians aren’t going to let Syria become another Iraq. They’re not going to let that happen. There’s going to be a collision

Ending Syria’s Nightmare Will Take Pressure from Below

Mike Whitney explains that elements in the Trump administration plan to splinter Syria and establish a permanent garrison in the eastern part of the country

Stronger Economic Growth? Over My Dead Body, Says Janet Yellen

Stronger Economic Growth? Over My Dead Body, Says Janet Yellen

You’ve heard of pre-emptive war, haven’t you? Now we have pre-emptive attacks on inflation. Mike Whitney explains

Liberals Beware: Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

What really concerns me is the emerging alliance between the Dems, the agenda-driven media, the deep-state agencies, the all-powerful foreign policy establishment and the progressives that are desperate to get rid of Trump by hook or crook

Double Standards: Where Were the Liberal Protestors During Obama’s Wars?

The election of Donald Trump has sent millions onto the streets to protest. But where were these people when Obama was bombing wedding parties in Kandahar?

The Trump Speech That No One Heard

Donald Trump wants to fundamentally change U.S. foreign policy. The question, wrties Mike Whitney, is whether the deep state powerbrokers will allow him to

The Reason the Fed Is Raising Rates, and Why It Won’t Work

The Reason the Fed Is Raising Rates, and Why It Won’t Work

The vast majority of US corporations are worse off now than they were in “the years preceding the Great Recession.”

Trump’s Economic Plan Is a Betrayal of the People Who Voted for Him

Trump might be a hero to millions of working people who think he’s got their interests at heart, but the facts just don’t match the rhetoric

Trump’s Economic Plan: This Isn’t Going to Work

Bannon says he’s the driving force behind the $1 trillion infrastructure development program. Unfortunately, the program is little more than a scam. Mike Whitney explains

Trump Prepares to Take Over the Fed

The Fed has created the conditions for a permanent Depression so it can provide infinite cheap money to its crooked reprobate friends on Wall Street. Is Trump about to bring their little party to an end?

Trump Unchained

He may be going down in the poll ratings, if they are to be believed, but in the process he’s exposing how the “free press” is anything but “free” and “independent”

Putin’s Aleppo Gamble Pays Off

The war is far from over, but it’s beginning to look like Putin’s gamble is going to pay off after all.

Putin’s Line in the Sand: No Regime Change in Syria

It’s clear that Obama believes tha he can achieve US imperial ambitions in Syria. But it’s not going to happen. Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are prepared to defend their ally Assad

Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again

The judo expert has done it again. Way to go, Vladimir.

NATO Lies and Provocations

“The war has been provoked to destroy the Russian World, to draw Europe into it, and to surround Russia with hostile countries. Unleashing this world war, America is trying to deal with its own internal problems.” – Sergei Glazyev, Advisor to Putin

The Fallujah Option for East Ukraine

Mike Whitney explains why Washington’s insiders want a war in Ukraine

Irreversible Decline?

Have the Saudis and the U.S. conspired to push down oil prices to weaken Russia economically and undermine Iran, Putin and Venezuela?