Who was Rudolph Diesel?

Who was Rudolph Diesel?

And why did he commit suicide just as he was about to become a multi-millionaire?

Hitler-Churchill and the Occult

Far from being the patriotic hero of popular myth, Winston Churchill may have been a traitor whose successes were dependent on lies and black occultism

Modern Day Vampires

The activities of body snatchers Burke and Hare, who were executed in Edinburgh over a hundred years ago, seem to have found a new lease of life and a lucrative one too

Christian Necropophagy

Christian Necropophagy

John Sentamu was made Britain’s first black archbishop of York last year. However T Stokes argues his appointment was politically motivated; meant to put a lid on claims of widespread child abuse and cannibalistic practise rather than stop them

Lord Kitchener: The Truth At Last

His death was as big as Kennedy’s or Diana’s. So why did British agents murder the nation’s most prominent general at the height of World War I?

The “Frequency Fence-Mystery”

Where the pragamatism of political power meet the nether world of mind-control and where subliminal programming to keep them passive, serenades a stupefied populace. In effect, modern political power is being buttressed with the aid of black magic

Hand Signatures and Health

Violent crime is soaring in Britain, a rise linked with food additives and the pharmaceutical industry. While conducting research into the link, an alternative clinic a was offered generous assistance by a pharmaceutical giant, with strings attached