Kentucky Teacher Placed In Psych Ward For Declaring 9/11 Was An ‘Inside Job’

A favourite ploy in the old Soviet Union, used to silence those guilty of “thought crimes”

The New World Order’s Letter To Every Citizen Of The World Warning Resistance Is Futile

According to letter addressed to everybody in America, it’s useless to resist a one world takeover, as the program is in its final stages

Journalist Persecuted For Documenting Bush Family Connections to Nazi Regime

Although well documented, America still in denial about treasonous Bush family. John Buchanan, the journalist who broke story in 2003, talks again about how he was targeted and persecuted for revealing the truth about the Bush family’s Nazi connections

Photographer Who Snapped Infamous Oswald Photo Said “No Blood At Crime Scene.”

Bob Jackson, former photographer for the Dallas Tiimes Herald who captured on film Ruby shooting Oswald, reveals for the first time how he didn’t see a speck of blood on the body or at the crime scene

Illuminati Numbers Pop Up Again: Bush Sr. Appears on Larry King 33 days Before Election

An esoteric researcher provides clues as to the Illuminati’s plans for the destruction of America

Cousin of White House Chief of Staff Tells How Illegally Jailed by Bush administration

Andy Card’s cousin finally released after year in jail for telling truth about no WMD’s in Iraq

‘Another Hitler’ At The Helm This Independence Day

With ‘another Hitler’ at the helm this Independence Day, Greg Szymanski talks to Jack Chick and looks back at the first for clues to who really controls Bush

New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion

While the America has been preoccupied with terrorism, the war in Iraq and 9/11, a huge financial heist has been pulled off

Heavyweights At 9/11 Truth Conference “Swing For Fences” At Weekend Chicago Rally

While professor James Fetzer of 9/11 Scholars For Truth fired up a standing room only crowd at the 9/11 conference in Chicago; he was ably assisted professor Steve Jones from BYU and others as the 9/11 Truth movement begins to gather momentum

Army Spokesman John Boyce Claims Macbeth Never Served; Mainstream 2003 Newspaper Account Differs

The controversy over the veracity of the Jesse Macbeth video leaves many unanswered questions

Vatican In Possession Of Top Secret CIA Documents

Experts were shaking their heads over the shocking discovery, as Church critics were questioning what the Vatican was doing with sensitive CIA documents about US nuclear weapons programs

UK And US Involved In Selling Illegal Weapons To Iran And Iraq

Both the White House and 10 Downing Street trying to cover financial tracks in the illegal arms trade, showing both governments are facilitating the sale of weapons in the Middle East, weapons used to kill American and British soldiers

The Cover-Up Of Vince Foster’s Murder Gets Stranger and Stranger

Miguel Rodriguez, the lead investigator for independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr, wont talk and now goes by the name of U.S. Attorney Michelle Rodriguez

Holly of Pennsylvania and Arun of India Have an Urgent Message

Holly Avila is protesting and writing songs and poems to end the war while Arun Shrivastava of India is alerting the world of the U.S. military’s deadly use of nuclear weapons in the form of depleted uranium used in the Middle East

California Mother And Activist Assaulted By Authorities

Ramona Lopez tried to get the kids in her community off drugs, back into school and leading a productive life. However, she stumbled across a drug ring which involved local authorities, leading to her becoming a target of harassment and physical abuse

The Illegal Government Arms Trade. When You Try To Take Away ‘The Toys of the Big Boys,’ They Play For Keeps

Two key figures who knew too much about arms sales to Iran and Iraq were most likely targets of government hit squads. While politicians illegally profit, people who get too close to their ‘cash cow’ die trying to tell the truth

MI6 secret documents and Astra Commission Documents Reveal How Politicians Reaped Huge Profits Off Illegal Middle East Arms Sales

MI6 agent Sephan Kock fronts as a Midland Bank consultant to keep the arms deal to Iran and Iraq secret from the UK and U.S. public. Documents reveal high level British politicians guilty of selling illegal weapons eventually used against US/UK troops

The Devil Is in The Details But Crooked Politicians Are Devious At Hiding Their Dirty Work in the Illegal Arms Sales To Iran And Iraq

The trail to find the “masters of evil” leads to Washington and London, as hundreds of thousands of innocents have died while killer Western politicians profit from the illegal arms trade, writes Greg Szymanski

The Big ‘Allivane-Astra’ Picture. The Trail of Illegal Weapons Sold To Iran And Iraq Starts In Washington And London

High-level officials on both sides of the Atlantic hide their ‘dirty scheme’ to profit from illegal Middle East weapons sales. MI6 and CIA infiltrate overseas ‘front companies’ to make sure illegal sales goes off without a hitch

Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican And Illuminati

Svali says no more interviews but will still try and spread the word of truth through her Christian fellowship group called ‘The Lion and the Lamb Ministries.’