Carry on Killing

More on the detention of two British soldiers by police in Basra, how they got out of captivity and what made it so imperative that they had to be freed

Little School of Horrors

Teachers and staff may tell themselves and the parents of their charges that it was an exercise in preparedness, but it takes a special antipathy for an adult to terrorize a child, writes Jeff Wells

Many Dimensions Part I

Jeff Wells asks: are there occult groups and secret societies that have really kept themselves secret? If so, they would have the motivation and the means to manipulate public opinion on a grand scale

It’s the Real Thing

Deep Politics is “the constant, everyday interaction between the constitutionally elected government and forces of violence and crime, which appear to be the enemies of that government.” Al Qaeda, is the result of such intercourse and 9/11 its baby

The Monolith Monsters

Jeff Wells asks: What happens when the conspirators become “conspiracy theorists”? As happened last week when Zbigniew Brzezinski warned of “a plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran”

Patterns of Force

The street-brawling Nazi thugs were always dispensable; even to Hitler. It was the quiet and refined Nazi elite, with ties to European aristocracy and money who were most dangerous and to whom Allen Dulles delivered the keys to America, writes Jeff Wells

We Are Family

Before Sharon Tate’s murder, Charles Manson was twice arrested but each time released, prompting deputies to wonder if somebody very high up was protecting him. Jeff Wells examines how this ties in with Iraq and the current crimes of Bush/Cheney

Bobby and Alexander

Jeff Wells investigates why Alexander Litvinenko was targeted; could it be because of something he discovered about Putin some time ago and how does it tie into Bobby Kennedy’s assassination?


Elsewhere this website has reported on suspicions that George Bush has purchased a ranch in northern Paraguay. If true, he’s keeping in familiar company

Al Qaeda Tapes: Direct Link To Military Psyops And Donald Rumsfeld

Following the trail for five minutes leads to Pentagon

Inside, Outside

Scepticism about the official explanation of 9/11 is growing and so too are the “conspiracy theories”. To the extent that the mainstream media can no longer ignore them, so now it has resorted to new tactic. Jeff Wells explains

Duck’s Head Soup

The Israeli assault on the Lebanon is a war crime of opportunity, calculated to at last draw out Iran and draw in American arms to finish what they began in Iraq. Madness is the method, and Death was never going to take a holiday this summer

Chant Down Babylon

Where did the hippies go? Strange as it may seem they went to the corridors of power. As a result, at almost every turn in the culture and the counterculture, the easy and the selfish have been chosen over the hard and the common

In the Air

It’s been suggested that the brain is not so much an organ of thought but a reciever of ideas, operating in much the same way as a radio picks up radio signals. This may explain synchronicity and why certain ideas seem to appear when their “time has come”

Iraq’s Hutu Radio

Disinformation unchecked is the agent of death, writes Jeff Wells, so why would a clearly Bush-positive blogger be publishing material to incite civil war?

What Lies Beneath

Ugly things lie buried across the US, though you might not know it if all you know is broadcast journalism. However, south of the Mexican border some of this ugliness involving child pornography and ritual sacrifice is starting to see the light of day

Why They Fight

How long has it been since you watched Starship Troopers? I caught some of it last week on television, and I was surprised at how reality has outpaced it. I don’t mean the space travel and the giant bugs; I mean the abandonment of democracy and dissent

Full Spectral Dominance (Part Two)

When I look up and see grids in the sky where there were none before, and marvel at the calculation behind our conspicuous dumbing down, Jeff Wells asks: what is it about us that is being suppressed, and who most profits by it?

Full Spectral Dominance (Part One)

Jeff Wells examines the experiences of those who have explored the boundaries of reality, in particular Bob Monroe, one of the pioneers of the US military’s Remote Viewing program

Bad medicine (Part Two)

The song may say: “Everything’s all right” and “Better days are near” but sometimes nothing can disguise the feelings of “dread, nervousness, darkness and death” associated with certain paranormal phenomenon