New Swords of Righteousness Brigade Video

The abduction of Christian Peacemaker Team makes no sense, writes Kurt Nimmo. It only alienates sympathy for the Iraqi resistance and creates the impression that Iraq is out of control and in need of military occupation; but maybe that was the intention

Dichter: I’ll Kill Haniyeh

Avi Dichter, former Shin Bet boss, who will become Israel’s defense minister when the “centrist” Kadima party wins Israel’s election later this month, as most analysts expect, has promised to assassinate the leader of the Palestinian Authority

Pentagon-Controlled Iraqi National Guard Implicated in Samarra Mosque Bombing

Since we can hardly expect hotel-bound corporate journalists in Baghdad to report anything beyond what is read from a Pentagon script inside the Green Zone, most Americans are unaware of details implicating the Iraqi National Guard in the bombing

Askariya Shrine Bombing: Black Op?

There is every reason to believe that the bombing of the Askariya shrine was part of a broader covert campaign to encourage divisions and foment civil war in Iraq, ultimately leading to its break-up

David Irving Convicted

For not conforming with the official, Zionist sanctioned version of the events of World War II, British historian David Irving now faces three years in jail

Black Op Terrorists Threaten to Kill Jill Carroll

Kurt Nimmo on how a previously unknown and unidentified terror group emerged from nowhere yesterday to kidnap independent journalist and peace campaigner Jill Carroll

Kurt Nimmo Stops Updating Another Day in Empire

We regret to report that Kurt Nimmo has been forced to stop updating his web site, after death threats to his wife and family. As he explains, there are now many scary parallels between the United States today and Nazi Germany, in the 1930s

NSA: Free Speech is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

As further evidence the Bushcons are not interested in snooping “al-Qaeda,” and in fact there is no “al-Qaeda” threat in America, consider revelations that the NSA snooped the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore, a Quaker peace group

Internal Enemies: Kill Them and Let God Sort Them Out

Is it possible Blackwater death squads will be lurking in your neighborhood, asks Kurt Nimmo, assassinating “internal threats”. No doubt we are one “terrorist event” away from finding out

Global Spook Monolith Revealed

The CIA had more than a little help from “national secret services” in Europe, thus making a case for the obvious—the CIA is but one of several components of a larger and more sinister global covert “intelligence” organization

Damaging Disclosures and the Plot to Bomb al-Jazeera

It’s a measure of how far we are down the road toward ruthless totalitarian rule. But while Bush and Blair discus bombing al-Jazeera, those who try to reveal their murderous plans are brought to trial for revealing “secrets”

Corporate Media and Amman Bombings: Nothing Here, Move On

Corporate Media and Amman Bombings: Nothing Here, Move On

The lies surrounding the Amman bombings continue to unravel. Now its been revealed that far from being Western owned, the Radisson Amman was owned by Jordanians who had previously expressed strong support for the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples

Liberals and Faux Conservatives: Two Sides of the Same Authoritarian Coin

Liberals, just like so-called conservatives, buy the absurd and nonsensical official nine eleven story without question, writes Kurt Nimmo

Donnie Fowler, Please Tell the Truth

Bill Clinton softened up Iraq for Dubya by imposing brutal sanctions on a devastated country, after George Bush senior had delivered the opening blows in Gulf War I. So why are ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republicans’ now playing party politics on the issue?

Bali II: Another Elusive Terror Mastermind on the Loose

Is Azahari bin Husin really the “mastermind” behind the bombings in Bali last weekend or, like bin Laden and al-Zaeqawi, yet another bogeyman created by US/UK Intelligence to further their own nefarious plans?

From a Cave in Afghanistan: It’s the al-Zarqawi Show!

Osama and al-Zarqawi have resurfaced with their own internet news show, broadcast with all the clichés we’ve come to expect: prominent displays of the Koran, assault rifles, masked news readers and everything else intended to instil fear of Islam

Baghdad Bombings: Order Out of Chaos

Now that al-Zarqawi and al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for explosions in Baghdad that killed at least 152 people, we can conclude that since US/UK forces cannot win outright, they are now trying to splinter Iraq and turn Iraqis against one another

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Syria: More Black Propaganda from the Bush Lie Factory

Remember the ‘credibility gap’ of the Vietnam War? Or the Office of Special Plans, devised to pass off lies and fabrication as fact? Now, are we stupid enough to believe whatever the Pentagon tells us through their trusted shill, the corporate media?

Blackwater Mercenaries: Coming Soon To Your Town

New State Department Ministry Slams Alternative News

Citing ‘exaggerated fears about depleted uranium’, the US State Dept says, ‘a number of strongly held associations spring to mind, including radiation illness, cancer, and birth defects.’ All of which, it says, are exploited by alternative news websites