The Crucifixion of Ted Haggard

When America’s Christian evangelists aren’t unstinting in the support of Israel they end up paying for it, as Ted Haggard discovered

The tide is turning quickly

Some are waking up faster than others but increasingly Americans are recognising the reality of Israeli occupation. Oliver “Buzz” Thomas is one such who recounts his experience on a recent trip to Ramallah

The Lobby has its work cut out

Canadians were expected to embrace homosexuality and fear and loathe Muslims. However, as Xymphora notes, closer to home Canadian public opinion has moved in exactly the opposite direction

The debt we owe to Deborah Lipstadt

Deborah Lipstadt, who helped cast David Irving as a Holocaust denier, has just revealed why a Jew is entitled to write propaganda advocating attacking innocent civilians who poses no threat to Israel. Why? Because of the Holocaust! Stupid!

Surge Protection Plan

If the Baker plan is followed, it is the death of Israeli colonialism, which is why Bush’s Neocon advisors are pushing for an alternate ‘troop surge’. A completely Vietnam-esque, plan that is intended to slow up US withdrawal until Iraq itself fragments

Why the Lobby is uniquely dangerous

Claims that critics of the pro-Israeli lobby are ‘picking on’ Israel, singling out this tiny country all because they are really anti-Semites are beginning sound hollow. In reality the Zionist state’s true colours are starting to show and it isn’t pretty

Blankfort interview

Jeffery Blankfort talks about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Zionist influence on the US political process and how Noam Chomsky has decieved US ‘progressives’

Israeli attack on Germany

Israeli warplanes are reported to have fired on German ships off the coast of Lebanon

The post-Israel Middle East

The tide is turning. It is time to consider what a post-Israel Middle East will look like, and how Judaism handles post-Zionist Jewish settlement in what used to be Israel

Things aren’t going to get better

We have only one political party in this country, with two PR fronts. Pretending to be in opposition is just a ploy to mollify the masses, by conning them into thinking they actually have a choice

Put down the champagne for a while

Suddenly, buggergate comes out, known to the mainstream media for months if not years but carefully covered up until it was time for a rare Democrat October Surprise, and Woodward receives his new marching orders

This xxxx’s gotta stop

This issue has become so serious, not just for humanitarian reasons but for self-preservation of the rest of the world, that it means we should consider the most desperate measures to put an end to it

It must be frightening to be an Israeli now

The class bully comes back from summer vacation and finds that all the little kids he used to beat up are now bigger than he is, writes Xymphora

Reassessing the Hariri assassination in the light of recent events

It is only in the light of the ongoing crimes being committed by Israel in Lebanon that we can come to a full understanding of the real reason for the assassination of Rafik Hariri

More on the Zionist plan

America and its Coalition allies are unlikely to attack Iran just yet, explains Xymphora. Instead the Zionists in the White House are setting Syria up as the next in line

Oil and deceit

Don’t be fooled into thinking the United States invaded Iraq for its oil, writes Xymphora. Every single piece of hard evidence points against it as a motive for Bush Administration actions. It was power, corruption, and Israel

Looking for an excuse

The Israeli detention of Hamas MP’s was not in response to the capture of an Israeli soldier, despite what Israeli authorities may say. That is just the pretext, writes Xymphora, their detention was planned weeks ago

Canada’s Strassmeir?

Canada’s “terror plot” grows more suspect by the day. Now it seems that one of the ringleaders, who advocated taking over Parliament and beheading Canada’s PM, recently converted to Islam after serving in the Canadian army. An agent provocateur?

More on the Toronto 17

With the Official account of the 17 alleged ‘terrorists’ in Toronto beginning to unravel, expect to see the story of the two ‘terrorists’ arrested in London go the same way, or be conveniently forgotten; along with increased calls for control of the Web

Another thought experiment

The fact that somebody of Noam Chomsky’s stature would risk his reputation in order to provide cover for the Israeli Lobby is another demonstration of its influence, often against the better interests the American people themselves