Think about that

America has a new role in the world and it’s not about making it safe for “democracy”. It is about protecting the Jewish people throughout the world

The Empire of Bluffing

Trump now says the Korean meeting is back on. Why the sudden turnaround? Has the North and South Korean summit exposed how the US is becoming irrelevant?

The Macher

Xymphora reflects on Sheldon Adelson’s offer to fund the U.S. Embassy’s move to Jerusalem


Dr Matthew Puncher managed to stab and slash himself repeatedly with two separate knives before succumbing to his wounds. Puncher was the scientist who identified the polonium that allegedly killed Litvenenko. Was he suicided for knowing too much?

Bohemian Grove gathering. Click to enlarge

The Love That Dare Not Speak its Name

Digging up the dirt on Hollywood and some of its leading lights including Roman Polanski and Jack Nicholson

Stephen Paddock.

Lee Harvey Paddock

Was the Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock set up in the same way that Lee Harvey Oswald was framed? Xymphora looks at the interesting parallels between the two

Weapons of Mass Migration

Human rights organisations infiltrated by Western intelligence agents play a key role in creating the public consensus for US, NATO or UN military interventions

The Khoup

Xymphora on what Trump needs to do to restore his authority as president. Does he have the integrity to do it?

Failure Rates

Xymphora reflects on several points. Including the reported failure of 23 out of 59 U.S. Tomahawk missiles to hit their targets in Syria

Splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind

If Americans were truly woke, they would be insisting en masse that the CIA be wound up and thrown in the dustbin of history

Hillary Clinton admires Christine Aguilera's breasts. Clinton is rumoured to be an active bisexual. Click to enlarge

The Latest Fooflah

In isolation these are bad enough. Combined they reveal the profound corruption at the heart of the Clinton camp

It Didn’t Match

Xymphora reflects on Seymour Hersch, Syria and the recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels

Safety Check

There was an extensive propaganda preparation of the French people in the weeks before the attack, Xymphora explains. That would hardly be within the scope of ISIS.

Obama, Seymour Hersh  and bin Laden (inset). Click to enlarge

The Hersh Thing

While we reserve judgement on the alleged bin Laden killing, the latest Seymour Hersh investigation offers some tantalizing glimpses into what may have happened


What if the recent scandal in Columbia involving the U.S. presidential security detail wasn’t about whores? Xymphora explains

The Yemen Printer Cartridge Hoax

A closer look at conflicting reports indicate that there may not even have been any explosives in the suspect ‘printing cartridge’

The Murder of Linda Norgrove

Who throws a grenade into a place where a hostage is being held? This is simply too moronic to blame on the baseline stupidity of the American soldier. They wanted her dead. Why? Probably the usual reason: she knew too much

Leaked attendee list Bilderberg Conference 2010

Names of some of those who attended the Bilderberg Conference June 3-6, 2010 at the Hotel Dolce, Sitges near Barcelona, Spain

British Basra bomb bull

All the speculation over what exactly two British SAS men, dressed as Arabs and laden with explosives, were doing in Basra, has forced the authorities to spell out a new version of events. But like the others, it’s no more than a cover story

Pennsylvania exit polls

Were they rigged?