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The White Widow

What transforms an “ordinary” young British girl with little “confidence” into the leader of a ruthless gang of Muslim terrorists who kill on her command?

BBC reporter Ian Pannell in Aleppo, allegedly trapped by the fighting there. Click to enlarge

Syria: New Horrors!!

In the face of public reluctance to attack Syria the BBC has come up with new horror stories. The Syrian government aren’t just using chemical weapons, they’re bombing children’s playgrounds with napalm!!

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Who Benefits?

Syria has agreed to allow UN inspectors to examine the site of the chemical weapons attack. The White House says that’s “too late to be credible”. Meaning we are heading down the same road we went with Saddam Hussein and his fabled WMD

Albert Pike

Rehmat is a Fraud

In 1871 Freemason Albert Pike wrote of “agentur” of the “Illuminati” who would stir strife between Muslim, Christians and Jews to ignite a Third World War. We may have just identified one

Understanding the Anti-Christ

A recent trip to Beijing brought home a realisation of who the anti-Christ is and why he’s in America

Satanism in the 21st Century: Source Code

Satanism in the 21st Century: Source Code

Forget the ghouls and demons, this is altogether more sinister and persuasive. Re-posted to coincide with the airing of Source Code on Channel 4, Sept 25

Inquiry Shifts to Suspect’s Russian Trip

Although the Times doesn’t say as much, hard evidence linking the Tsarnaev brothers with the Boston Marathon bombings has yet to be found. Could it be because there is none?

Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the younger alleged bomber. Click to enlarge

As Fugutive ‘Bomber’ is Captured: My kids were framed, says Boston bombing suspects’ father

The younger alleged ‘Boston bomber’ has been captured alive. Will he be able to expose the lies in the case built him and his late brother?

'Rebels' from al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra sit on a truck load of ammunition in Syria. Click to enlarge

Militant rebels in Syria announce merger with al-Qaeda

Looking at al-Qaeda’s history this was almost to be expected

Iran: A Whispering Campaign Unfolds

Iran has made some headway on the diplomatic front recently. The response in the corporate media has been telling

Iran’s new stealth fighter jet caught out by bloggers in 'faked' Photoshop image blunder

Iran’s new stealth fighter jet caught out by bloggers in ‘faked’ Photoshop image blunder

Beyond the smirking cynicism there’s a real double-standard at work here that’s meant to fool us like the stories about Saddam’s fabled ‘WMD’

It’s a Fake!!!

It’s a Fake!!!

Some news commentators are already suggesting that Iran’s latest fighter is a fake. Is it? Or is a double-edged strategy at work here?

Will the Bavar 373 Bring the End of the American Empire?

Without the longbow Henry V would have lost at Agincourt; while Russia would not have defeated Hitler without the T-34 tank. Is the Bavar 373 just such a decisive weapon and, more importantly: will it be ready in time?

Cameron Warns of Witch Hunt

Cameron Warns of Witch Hunt

David Cameron warns that accusations of child abuse could turn into a Witch-hunt” against gays. To which we can only ask: whom is he trying to protect? And how much longer will the cover-up continue?

U.S. Reportedly Considering “Surgical Strikes” on Iran

High-level disclosures that the U.S. may be contemplating ‘limited operations’ against Iran’s nuclear facilities, could signal the beginning of the end of America’s global military pre-eminence

Times Online ‘Covers’ Jimmy Savile’s Abuse of Children, Literally

There is far more to reports of Jimmy Savile ‘raping school girls’ than the Times Online reveals. We explain as a Doctor who worked in areas frequented by Savile confirms our suspicions

Sowing the Seeds For World War III

Sowing the Seeds For World War III

The corporate media is preparing the Western public, subconsciously, for a nuclear first strike on Iran. We highlight two examples of how this is being done

Iran’s Nuclear Program: What We Aren’t Being Told

How Western politicians and their servile media are conditioning us for World War III

Armageddon Ahoy! The Next False Flag?

Armageddon Ahoy! The Next False Flag?

A clairvoyant friend with a proven track record provides insights into the next false flag and what will follow

WMDs: Iran, Syria and the London Olympics

WMDs: Iran, Syria and the London Olympics

MI6 chief Sir John Sawyers says Iran may have nuclear weapons as soon as 2014. Well we have news for Sir John and although he may know already he won’t like to be told. Nor will the wider public when they know