Alleged Orando gunman, Omar Mateen. Click to enlarge

Another Terror Outrage?

Another alleged “terror attack”? Or another terror outrage with too many coincidences to be an accident?

Reflections on Karmic Memories

Reflections on Karmic Memories

How it can sometimes take decades to discern the wood from the trees

Dees: microwave weapons. Click to enlarge

The Day the SAS Visited Me: the Aftermath

How many others have been “suicided” like my humble neighbour? We may never know but I suspect that there may be more than we realise and that their numbers are growing

The writer shortly after the encounter. Click to enlarge

Dark Forces: The Day the SAS Visited Me

How the authorities use Special Forces, criminals and murder to control public discourse. An important message from this website

“If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.” — The Jewish high priests Annas and Caiphas to Jesus.

Reflections on Christmas Day

The Russian orthodox church still celebrates Christmas on January 7, but Christ’s date of birth is insignificant. It’s what he did that counts

UK Foreign Secretary: Russian air strikes in Syria are helping Isis advance

The lies and double-speak that characterised Tony Blair’s utterances in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion are now being surpassed by Cameron’s government

Blast during the raid on the St Dennis apartment. Click to enlarge

Was the St Dennis Raid a Shoot-to-Kill Mission?

Was the police raid on a flat in St Dennis intended to silence anyone whose testimony might contradict the official version of what happened on Nov 13?

Michelle Mone. Click to enlarge

Michelle Mone quits Scotland over ‘vitriolic hatred’ of independence supporters

Glasgow-born tycoon to leave her homeland. Says Scotland under the SNP is becoming a land “consumed by hatred and ill will”

Ricky Dearman

Why Is the BBC Protecting Satanists and Paedophiles?

Jimmy Savile’s former employers are currently helping to shield a suspected paedophile, Satanist and murderer.

Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin. Click to enlarge

Sony is Japanese in Name Only

Nearly six months have passed and a psychic friend’s comments have now become crystal clear

Haron Monis. Click to enlarge

Iran Requested Sydney Gunman’s Extradition 14 Year Ago

Iran requested the extradition of the gunman in the Sydney siege but Australia refused to hand him over. Were they keeping him ready for the Lindt Cafe killings?

The biggest show to hit town may be coming to a town near you, if you live somewhere in North America. Click to enlarge

RED ALERT: Imminent False Flag!!! Updated

Ebola, Syria, the downing of MH17: these maybe just sideshows to what maybe the biggest show to hit town. A reliable psychic friend says that a major false flag is scheduled for the coming weeks

David Cameron delivers his UN speech. Click to enlarge

Cameron Calls for Clampdown on “Non-Violent Extremists”

Something has obviously rattled David Cameron’s cage and we think that we’ve played a part

Yes votes in No pile at Scottish referendum. Click to enlarge

Video Proof ‘Scotland Independent’ Vote Was Rigged

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has announced his intention to step down but perhaps he shouldn’t go, at least not until he’s seen this

Transhumanist sculpture at the site of the Bilderberg conference 2013 at Grove Hall, Hertfordshire, England. Click to enlarge

21st Century Satanism: A New Ethos

There’s a new belief system whose proponents are convinced they’re onto to something big. Some would even sell their souls for it and guess who’s waiting to buy?

What Motivates Putin?

Is Putin’s apparent opposition to the New World Order part of the plan, as has been suggested? Or does he have his own agenda?

The Shape of Things To Come: Repost

The Shape of Things To Come: Repost

Written in 2003 and later posted on the web, this article is more relevent today that when it was written. Particularly in light of events unfolding in the Ukraine

Lost Prophets frontman and convicted paedophile Ian Watkins. Click to enlarge

Peaches Post-Mortem Inconclusive

Although post mortem proves “inconclusive” for Peaches Gedolf’s “unexplained, sudden death”, we ask: did her role in helping expose Ian Watkins (pictured) play a part? Was she viewed as a liability?

Word on the Next Major False Flag

From a trusted psychic friend on the nature and location of the next big one

Fake Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Memorial Faced Murder and Rape Charges

Fake Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Memorial Faced Murder and Rape Charges

Talk about a fitting epilogue. This is a manifestation of real karma at work