Yes, Minister!

Prime Minister Tony Blair told his people that Saddam could use WMD against British cities within 45 minutes. Was this just bad Intelligence? Or was he just lying? Uri Avnery considers the case

Anti-Semitism: A Practical Manual

Uri Avnery asks: can A Jew be anti-Semitic? It sounds like a contradiction in terms but history has numerous examples of Jews who became ferocious Jew-haters. Including Karl Marx and Spanish Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada


He is at it again, and again it is working. He is launching colourful balloons, and the whole world is looking on with rapture and wonderment

The Cancer Cells

Now we are back in the ghetto. Again we are poor, fearful Jews. Even when we are in uniform. Even when we are armed to the teeth. Even when we have tanks, airplanes, missiles and the nuclear option.