Sheldon Adelson. Click to enlarge

The Monster on the Hill

Casino mogul and multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson recently summoned four likely Republican presidential candidates to his Las Vegas headquarters. All four duly complied. In effect, the arch Zionist is vetting contenders for the next US president

Striking Iran: Mad or Crazy?

No war has been talked about so much before it happened. To quote the classic movie line: “If you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk!”

A putsch against war: Israel’s hawks in open revolt against war on Iran

Uri Avnery looks at how a number of leading hardliners in Israel’s military and security establishments have spoken out against the Israeli government’s plans for an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations

A Flash of Lightening

The Holocaust is losing its power to persuade, writes Uri Avnery. As its influence wanes the pioneering image of an Israeli David is being replaced by that of a brutal Israeli Goliath

Who’s The Boss?

Lieberman is no joke. Already on his first day he made clear that he – he and not Netanyahu or Barak – will set the style of the new government, both because of his strong political position and his massive personal presence and provocative character

Israel Screwed Itself Over with Its Gaza Assault

Recent Israeli operations in Gaza have been a public relations disaster, argues Uri Avnery. Not only did the IDF fail to eradicate Hamas but in the eyes of the world the Zionist state has now been transformed into a bloodstained monster

Is Akko Burning?

There is no alternative: the citizens of Israel, Jews and Arabs, are “condemned” to live together, whether they like it or not

The Last Refuge

It has been said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. For a failed politician, the last refuge is war

A dark summit

There never was a darker Middle East summit meeting, writes Uri Avnery. The darkest there can be

Israel’s Next War

An officer who acts like a drunken Cossak against stone-throwing children, as seen on TV this week, cannot lead soldiers in real war. That is one of the most important lessons of Lebanon War II: the occupation has corrupted the Israeli army to the core

The Great Experiment

The laboratory for the experiment is the Gaza Strip, and the guinea pigs are the million and a quarter Palestinians living there

When Napoleon Won at Waterloo

In Israel, Nothing Changes But the Past

The Thirty Three Day War: From Mania to Depression

Now, even before the last fallen soldier has been buried, writes Uri Avnery, the incompetent generals are starting to talk shamelessly about “another round”

America’s Rottweiler

“There is a shocking similarity between George W. Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, writes Uri Avnery, The one has personal conversations with Jesus, the other has a line to Allah. But the name of the game is domination”

What The Hell Has Happened To The Army?

Former Israeli soldier and squad leader Uri Avnery reflects on the Israeli army’s recent performance against Hezbollah

Mon dieu, mondial! (balls instead of bullets)

Israel has long since ceased to be a Jewish state, in the spiritual sense. The World Cup proves it, writes Uri Avnery as he details how it has been used as a diversion for murder

“God Wills It!”

According to Uri Avnery, the Israeli army is entirely different to what it was when it was first founded in 1948. A new element has emerged, reminiscent of the political commissars of the Red Army

There are Judges in The Hague

Uri Avnery on the connection between Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’ and Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism

The Rape of Rafah

On May 7, an Israeli peace group published a warning in Haaretz. It read: “Sharon now resembles a wounded bull…There is no limit to the bloody deeds he is capable of now in order to survive”. Less than two weeks later Israeli tanks smashed into Rafah

The Dancing Bear

Ariel Sharon plays games with the American bear. He makes him dance, jump, lie down and get up again, turn around and perform somersaults, much to the amusement of the Israeli public