Civilians are dying. Campaigners are being kidnapped. The world cannot turn a blind eye to America’s drone attacks in Pakistan

Started under George W Bush, most of the attacks, 384 of them since 2008, have been approved by Obama. While many of the victims have been innocent woman and children

If only Tony Blair could grasp the truth about Field Marshal Sisi

The man with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on his hands voices his support for Egypt’s new authoritarian leader

Suspects accused of having links to al-Qa’ida are shown to the press at a Baghdad facility. Post-Saddam, Iraq has executed hundreds of prisoners, many of them following ‘confessions’ before their trials

Confessions beaten out of ‘suspects’, executions by the hundreds… How different is justice in today’s Iraq from the era of Saddam?

Despite the overthrow of Saddam and the deaths of hundreds of thousands

Syria report: One is reminded of Nazi Germany

The headline conveys an entirely different message to the article. We don’t think Fisk wrote the headline, his editors did. That tells us they want to persuade the public that something ‘must be done’ about Syria: i.e. military intervention

Ariel Sharon: Peacemaker, hero… and butcher

Robert Fisk reflects on the life of Ariel Sharon

Majid al-Majid was the alleged leader of the group that claimed responsibility for the attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut in November. Click to enlarge

Now it’s Middle Eastern regimes fighting al-Qa’ida, while the US ties itself up in knots

You need to put on a tin hat to avoid the ironies crashing out of the sky. Robert Fisk explains

By branding the entire Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists, General Sisi is adopting a well-tested tactic of past Egyptian dictators

Are Egypt’s military rulers planning to rid themselves of the problem of ex-President Morsi by executing him?

Mohamad Chatah – fierce critic of Assad – is murdered in Beirut

The latest victim of Islam’s Cold War? Or a targeted assassination intended to ignite further conflict between Sunni and Shia?

Syrian rebels have taken iconoclasm to new depths

They’ve destroyed shrines, statues and even an tree — but to what end?

British prisoner Dr Abbas Khan found dead in Syrian jail days before he was due to be handed over to MP George Galloway

His death suggests that President Assad may not be able to control his own security authorities

Documenting of Israeli war crimes in Lebanon can show us how the West lost respect for international law

Robert Fisk on a new book that rigorously document Israeli war crimes in Lebanon

Nearly a century after the Armenian genocide, these people are still being slaughtered in Syria

Two years from now, they will commemorate the 100th anniversary of their own Holocaust. But that hasn’t stopped the latest killings

He may huff and puff but Benjamin Netanyahu is on his own now as nuclear agreement isolates Israel

But six months – the time it takes to solidify this most tangential of nuclear agreements – is a long time

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian general idolised for deposing former President Mohamed Morsi

But if the security situation worsens or the economy dips his popularity may not last

Polio has broken out in Syria and 20 million children are to be vaccinated

Mass migrations are nothing new in the Middle East, but the sheer numbers involved are having a devastating effect

Poppycock – or why remembrance rituals make me see red

When all BBC TV presenters and even Tony Blair wear poppies to commemorate the last two World Wars, Robert Fisk wonders if it doesn’t now symbolise hypocrisy?

As Mohamed Morsi goes to trial, General Sisi should remember: Egypt is a dangerous place to rule

The charges the former president faces could just as easily be levelled at Egypt’s current rulers. Although they won’t be as long as they remain in control

Is The Hague making a mockery of justice so the CIA and MI6 can save face?

Is The Hague making a mockery of justice so the CIA and MI6 can save face?

As long as Gaddafi’s ruthless former security boss remains imprisoned and incommunicado in Libya, the secrets of MI6 and the CIA will remain safe

How the Sunni-Shia schism is dividing the world

The unprecedented Saudi refusal to take up its Security Council seat is not just about Syria but a response to the perceived Iranian threat

According to Unicef, 500,000 Syrian refugee children are now in Lebanon.

Lebanon has cause for shame in its treatment of Syrian refugees

Meanwhile there are now fears that the burgeoning refugee camps, holding over a million Syrians, will yield bitter fruit