Osama doesn’t like us

Charley Reese examines the latest statement from Osama bin Laden, one that is addressed directly to the American people

Too Much Secrecy

The Bush administration is so secretative it’s almost paranoid, writes Charley Reese. And it is not safe to have mentally unhealthy people wielding great power

Embedded Reporters A Good Idea

Embedding reporters — assigning journalists to specific military units — was a good idea — for the Pentagon, writes Charley Reese.

The Flimflam

The American people are being played for suckers, says Charley Reese, being drawn into a war that may benefit other countries but not their own

The Facts About Rebellion

Question: which leader made war on his own people, killing thousands? Abraham Lincoln or Saddam Hussein? Charlie Reese has a surprising answer

Permanent War State

The American republic died at Appomattox in 1865, replaced by a national government that has gradually evolved into an empire in a permanent state of war. Most of us don’t pay much attention to such stuff as history and perspective. Certainly the news media don’t. Nevertheless, there are consequences of living in a war state, […]

U.S. Blocks Inspections

. There is a Biological Weapons Convention. Most of the signatories want to establish a protocol for international inspections. Guess who blocked it?

Not Our Finest Hour

You will notice there has been no talk about an “exit plan” for Iraq. That’s because the United States doesn’t plan to exit Iraq.

Horse Apples!!!

The president says that a key part of his foreign policy will be to alleviate poverty in foreign countries. Horse apples. Number one, foreign countries are not his responsibility. Number two, he doesn’t have the ability to alleviate poverty even in his own country, much less somebody else’s. Number three, the very globalist free-trade policies […]

Listening is Golden

Monks practise it and so do meditators: Charley Reese reflects on the beneficial powers of silence

The Price Of Israel

With the US facing economic uncertainty Israel is still asking for billion dollar handouts. And America continues pay