The 545 People Responsible for America’s Woes

Written more than thirty-years ago, this column by the late Charley Reese is still highly pertinent

The 545 People Responsible for America’s Woes

First published more than thirty years ago, this column by the late Charley Reese is as relevant as ever

The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

Not only is the “Anne Frank” diary now considered to be a fake, writes Brian Harring, the real Anne Frank’s father may have even colaborated with the Nazis

The United Nations, Egalitariansim and the One World Government?

A reader reports that secret plans are underway to implement social engineering on an unprecedented scale

Israeli Organ Harvesting

Are the allegations “hate porn” or a hitherto hidden, but now unravelling crime? Alison Weir weighs the balance

Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest

That’s the position of most urban liberals on gun ownership, according Charley Reese some years ago. A point that still holds true

The Jewish Holocaust and the New World Order

The Jewish Holocaust in its modern form is not just a political weapon but a secular religion. Over years it has replaced Talmudism as the uniting creed of all Jews

Middle East Pop Quiz

Charley Reese poses some interesting questions with surprising answers

Bush and McCain’s Iran Insanity

Iran fought a long, grueling war with Iraq, and I think what they want more than anything else is a little peace and prosperity. But I think they are worried about Bush, McCain and Israel, and I don’t blame them

Illuminati Defector: “Rothschilds Rule With Druid Witches”

Perfect for the night of Halloween, John Todd’s story is a tale of money and worldly power coupled with dark satanic festivals; when ritually murdered victims are proffered as sacrificial offerings

Who Cares?

Whoever wins the nominations and regardless of who ends up in the White House, we will be saddled with same failed policies

Cracks in Zionism

Why accusations of “Anti-Semitism” against those who criticise Israel and its policies sound increasingly hollow

Israelis at Abu Ghraib?

Israelis at Abu Ghraib?

Did the Israelis actually have a role in “teaching” naive and easily-manipulated young American soldiers to forego all sense of decency?

The Geriatric Squad

The real goal of the Iraq invasion has already been accomplished, writes Charley Reese. The actual objective was probably to half-destroy the country and create chaos: thus preparing the way for a new order in the Middle East to emerge out of that chaos

Police: Hate crime never happened

A familiar tale

The Biodynamic Food and Cookbook

The Biodynamic Food and Cookbook

‘In my experience, biodynamic food is of exceptional quality and taste – so I use it when I can. And it’s good for my health!’ – Antony Worrall Thompson ‘I know from my own experience that eating biodynamically grown food … leaves a fine and lasting impression on the palate.’ – Patrick Holden, Director, Soil […]

What Bush Is Up To

The Bush administration has three goals in the Middle East. Firstly, to replace the present Syrian government with one more pliable to Israeli interests. Secondly, to build 4 permanent military bases in Iraq. Third, to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Pluses but Mostly Minuses

With President Bush trying to persuade America that the war in Iraq is being won, it’s a good idea to go back to the basics and look at the pluses and minuses of this war

Gaza Evacuation Should Be Americans’ Last Straw

As I watched the extensive, plainly sympathetic coverage of Jewish settlers being evicted from their Gaza homes, I couldn’t help but take note once again of the striking double standard applied by American news media as well as the U.S. government

A Childish Theory

Like the Vietcong before them, Iraqi insurgents know that even if they don’t win any conventional battles, in the long run they will still be there when US occupation forces are long gone