Car hits pedestrians outside UK parliament in suspected terrorism attack

Car hits pedestrians outside UK parliament in suspected terrorism attack

CCTV footage shows the suspect’s car was tailed by another vehicle shortly before he drove into cyclists and pedestrians. Were his ‘handlers’ following the event?

Trump and Omarosa. Click to enlarge

Piers Morgan Recalls His Encounter with Omarosa

A few months old but still highly relevant in view of Omarosa’s allegations about Trump

Iran faces devastating US secret ‘SHOCK and AWE’ war plan that can be deployed in HOURS

The elite’s mouthpieces in the press are running out of ideas trying to foment wider conflict. Now they’re parading a 15-year-old plan for war with Iran as “news”

Fateh-e Mobin missile. Click to enlarge

Iran unveils new generation of ‘Mobin’ missiles

Faced with Washington’s new hard-line stance, Iran appears to be putting renewed efforts into improving its defence capabilities. Includes video

The Afghan Quagmire Gets Deeper, Denser and Bloodier

The situation in Afghanistan goes from bad to worse and we suspect, with recent Taliban gains, that the West is now looking for a way out

Who Killed Alan Berg?

Who Killed Alan Berg?

Berg could have become the Alex Jones of his time. Were White nationalists wrongly blamed for killing the Jewish talk show host?

Good News This Week!

Good News This Week!

For a change, James Corbett has some good news

America’s Persistent Russia Delusion

The media is pounding away like a hyperactive child with a new drum. Russia, we are told repeatedly, is meddling in our affairs. However, as Publius Tacitus explains, the facts and history speak otherwise

Aftermath of Taliban attack on Ghazni. click to enlarge

Taliban Kill More Than 200 Afghan Defenders on 4 Fronts: ‘a Catastrophe’

The Talban are advancing across Afghanistan and now there are suggestions that government in Kabul may be nearing its final days

Taliban hails ‘helpful’ US talks as boost to Afghan peace process

Confirmation that the U.S. is indeed involved in direct negotiations with the Taliban, that could allow a U.S. military contingent to remain in the country as the Taliban assume power

Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US

Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US

Sponsoring migration is a longtime Illuminati ploy. E Michael Jones book, Slaughter of the Cities chronicles the creation of modern urban America

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales poses in a sleazy Bomis advertisement

Meet Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales: Ex Porn Peddler Paid by ‘Israel’ to Spread Zionist Propaganda

Is Wikipedia founder James Wales, a suspected Hasbara agent (of influence), being used to explain and justify Israeli policy?

US ambassador says UK should join Trump and put pressure on Iran

It happened with Iraq but doesn’t seem to be happening with Iran. The U.S. begins to sound desperate to get others to join with its hard-line stance as longtime ally appears reluctant to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

GOP lawmaker: Russian meddling fanned the flames in Charlottesville

Republican Rep. Tom Garrett says he was told during an FBI briefing that Russian fanned “the flames of what happened in Charlottesville,” last year

Anthony Julius, Friend/Foe of Free Speech. Click to enlarge

Gas-Chamber Blues Revisited

Tobias Langdon on Anthony Julius, a passionate supporter of free speech, when it serves Israel, but who spends a lot of time silencing those who criticise it

The Hunt for the Deadly "White Helmets”

The Hunt for the Deadly “White Helmets”

Coming to a neighbourhood near you. In a new role, Syria’s crisis actors in false flag attacks to be blamed on Iran. Gordon Duff explains

Italy: Support for Salvini Rockets as African Invasion Drops over 95%—and Trickling to Complete Halt

News of Salvini’s growing popularity coupled with the success of his anti-immigration policies has been deliberately suppressed by the media

Chinese Muslim woman pass through checkpoint in Xinjiang province

UN Accuses China of Holding 1 Million Uighur Muslims In “Massive Internment Camps”

UN accuses China of holding nearly a million ethnic Uighurs in a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy”

Cops Set Up “Bait Truck” In Low-Income Neighborhood To Entrap Poor People In To Stealing

Cops Set Up “Bait Truck” In Low-Income Neighborhood To Entrap Poor People In To Stealing

Because the prison-industrial complex needs new employees-slaves to capitalise on the demands for cheap/”slave”-slave labour

Alleged ‘insider attack’ raises fears among US troops training militants in Syria

Although an inquiry was unable to determine precisely what motivated the shooting it has raised fears that U.S. forces in Syria could be targeted by the very militants they are training, as happens frequently in Afghanistan now