The IDF is thought to have used the Hannibal proceedure in Rafah during the Gaza war. Click to enlarge

Israel revokes policy on preventing capture of soldiers at all costs

The so-called Hannibal Directive authorised the use of massive firepower, which would have killed Israeli soldiers in danger of being captured

Turkish rescue services help a wounded person outside Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Two explosions have rocked Istanbul's Ataturk airport, killing several people and wounding others, Turkey's justice minister and another official said Tuesday. A Turkish official says two attackers have blown themselves up at the airport after police fired at them. The official said the attackers detonated the explosives at the entrance of the international terminal before entering the x-ray security check. Click to enlarge

Suicide blasts kill dozens at Istanbul airport

Is Islamic State really behind the bombings at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport that killed at least 36, as Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim claims? Includes video

Repost: Someone tried to kill Nigel Farage by loosening wheels of his car

We repost this in light of recent speculation that Nigel Farage may be ‘false opposition’

Christian Rakovsky with Leon Trotsky c. 1924. Stalin hijacked Communism. Trotsky, an agent of the Illuminati Jewish central bankers was supposed to succeed Lenin. Click to enlarge

Rothschilds Conduct “Red Symphony”

The 1938 transcript of Christian G. Rakovsky’s interrogation by Stalin’s secret police is definitive proof that events are “made to happen”. Henry Makow explains

European Banks Have Their Worst Two Day Stretch EVER As The Global Financial Crisis Intensifies

A full blown financial collapse was on the cards at some point but thanks to Brexit things are already moving

Russia, United States blame each other for maritime incident

Russia, United States blame each other for maritime incident

Dangerously close run-ins between U.S. and Russian warplanes and ships could easily turn deadly and spark a wider war. Trouble is they are happening increasingly often

Favourable to the Brexit, Queen Elizabeth is now able to reorient her country towards the yuan.

The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics

The elite do not understand Brexit any better than the Soviet Communist Party could see the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. Thierry Meyssan explains

Retired United States Air Force Colonel Gene Lee, in a flight simulator, takes part in simulated air combat versus artificial intelligence technology developed by a team comprised of industry, US Air Force and University of Cincinnati representatives. Click to enlarge

The US Air Force’s and Navy’s New ‘Top Gun’ is an AI

Veteran fighter pilots hail ‘aggressive and dynamic’ software after losing to it repeatedly in simulated dogfights

The truth behind the Labour coup, when it really began and who manufactured it

15 of the shadow secretary of states and nine of the shadow ministers who resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet were affiliated to the Fabian Society

Why the Brits were right to reject Europe

Why the Brits were right to reject Europe

Dominic Sandbrook on the brexit vote; with pictures, captions and additional commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

Now Britain faces ‘Coloured revolution’ as Soros moves to stop Brexit

Are the elite about to employ colour revolution tactics to prevent Brexit? We reserve judgement on Nick Griffin assessment and leave readers to decide.

The Looming US War on Russia

The Looming US War on Russia

The Western public are oblivious to the dangers of a potential global war because the Western media is simply not informing them accurately

Do We Really Want War with Russia?

Do We Really Want War with Russia?

Eric Margolis explains why war with Russia looks increasingly likely

Russia Defense Report: PAK-FA Nearing Service Entry

Russia’s fifth-generation multi-role fighter due to enter service in little more than a year

Third World Tsunami Sinks EU

Third World Tsunami Sinks EU

Have Europeans finally awakened to the genocidal agenda of their traitorous leaders?

Watch the futuristic Rolls-Royce ‘roboship’ that will be sailing the seas by 2020 – without a crew

Vessel would be controlled by one man in a remote onshore operations centre

Oliver Letwin. Click to enlarge

Who Is Britain’s EU Policy Chief Oliver Letwin?

NEWSWEEK omits to mention one crucial fact about the man appointed to oversee Britain’s exit from the European Union. We fill in the missing details

EU must stop others following Britain out of the door, Merkel warns

Mounting fears that the bloc is ‘no longer governable’ after Brexit

Russia Defense Report: Kuril Islands Dispute

How the Kuril island’s defences, Russia’s gateway to the Pacific, are being upgraded

Hello Rapallo! The Inevitability of a New German Treaty of Economic Cooperation with Russia

Hello Rapallo! The Inevitability of a New German Treaty of Economic Cooperation with Russia

History repeats itself as senior officials from Germany and Russia engage in secret negotiations — without Angela Merkel