ISIS fighter allegedly about to be beheaded by Free Syrian Army executioner. Click to enlarge

Taste of their own medicine: Syrian rebels execute ISIS terrorists, mimicking jihadists’ tactics

You have to wonder how authentic this story is or whether Russia Today has been taken in by Zionist disinformation?

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The Sin of Sodomy is Now Called Marriage

Michael Hoffman on how Institutionalized sin has become accepted as the norm

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Air strike against Isis. Click to enlarge

Israeli General, Chechnyans Killed in Syrian Air Strike

An Israeli general and liaison staff from Saudi Arabia and Qatar reportedly killed in a Syrian air force strike targeting foreign military forces operating inside the country

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The Greek Crisis Awaits Other NATO Partners

The current face-off with Russia is a win-win situation for Washington. On the one hand Moscow is increasingly isolated. On the other, the military-industrial behemoth’s profits are surging with increased arms sales. Finian Cunningham explains

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Jade Helm: Are Patriots Being Paranoid?

Jade Helm: Are Patriots Being Paranoid?

They are blurring the line between drills and reality

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Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again

The judo expert has done it again. Way to go, Vladimir.

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Pimp Rolling through the Grand Apocalypse

Pimp Rolling through the Grand Apocalypse

Disorder is the rule and disorder is a timed explosive. It doesn’t have a fuse. It has an elastic wire and it follows the ‘repent of the pull rule’

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NATO bases surround Russia

Russia: Tit for Tat

NATO bases are encircling it and although Russians don’t want war, they are tired of their country being pushed to the wall. Israel Shamir explains

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The Care and Feeding of a Financial Black Hole

If the black hole does succeed in sucking in Greece, then which country is next? Will it be Italy, Spain or Portugal? And, as that process continues, at what point will enough people say that enough is enough?

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ISIS supporters and flags. Click to enlarge

America’s Multinational Ramadan Assault

It is clear that ISIS is not carrying out these attacks in the hopes of “winning” its war, but instead, to expand it

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Turkey prepares Syria invasion to break ISIL … and the Kurds

The possibility of Western military strikes against Syria has suddenly loomed into view again

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The Israeli government has been providing medical assistance to wounded "Syrain rebels" for more than a year. In February, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited to a military field hospital in the Golan Heights medical facility where wounded "Syrian rebels" werebeing treated. He is pictured here with Defence Minister Ya'alon.

Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebel fighters

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon admitted Monday that Israel is assisting those fighting to oust Assad. And although he didn’t say as much, they are linked to ISIS

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Iraq Residents: ‘We Know America is Providing ISIS with Weapons & Food’

Although barely mentioned by the mainstream media, a growing number of Iraqi refugees believe ISIS is receiving direct support from the U.S.

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Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church

Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church

So it’s not just “self-hating Jews” who engage in this sort of activity

Black Civil Rights Icon: The Problem is Blacks Killing Other Blacks, Not the Confederate Flag

Straight talking from veteran Black civil rights campaigner who marched alongside Martin Luther King. Includes video

Rabbi Alissa Wise

In Case You Still Have A Drop Of Sympathy Toward JVP

Just read Rabbi Alissa Wise! Includes video

The Coming Judgements and Liberation of the Avatar

The Coming Judgements and Liberation of the Avatar

The world is upside down. What seems to be the heights of attainment are actually prison cells. What seems to promise freedom delivers bondage.

US To Begin the Invasion of Syria.

Almost on cue we have an ISIS attack on holidaymakers in Tunisia — prompting David Cameron to call for airstrikes on the terror group in Syria

Coastal UK residents at ‘high risk’ of deadly asteroid tsunami, scientists warn

Britain is at “very high risk” of an asteroid tsunami that could kill hundreds of thousands of people living near the coastline, scientists have warned

The F-35: expected to become the mainstay of U.S. air power in the decades ahead.

Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can’t Dogfight

America’s latest fighter is not only over budget and behind schedule, it is also reportedly dead meat in air-to-air combat

IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Strike on Iran

We know that a unilateral strike on Iran is beyond Israel’s ability. So is it using the threat as a means to pressure the U.S. into doing so for it?

Tunisia: Multiple Eyewitnesses Confirm Multiple Gunmen

Tunisia: Multiple Eyewitnesses Confirm Multiple Gunmen

As witnesses report multiple gunmen disembarking from inflatable boats, the Tunisian shooting begins to look like another false flag

Russian missile in Red Square parade 2014.

Putin: Russia is going to spend $400 billion upgrading its military

Continued high military spending needed to fend off threats near Russia’s borders, says President Putin

Taxpayer funded trial of GM wheat ends in a £3million failure

Supporters hoped the trial would win over a sceptical public. Instead the failure has only added to growing doubts

GCHQ: the British government's listening post in Cheltenham. Click to enlarge

Spy Agency’s Secret Plans to Foster Online “Conformity” and “Obedience” Exposed

Internal memo shows how GCHQ and NSA used human psychological research to create sophisticated online propaganda tools